Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Washington Post Reporter: I Don’t See Any Way Hillary Can Escape Her Email Problems

A reporter for The Washington Post appeared on the set of Morning Joe yesterday and offered absolutely no words of comfort for Hillary Clinton.

While discussing one of the approximately 350 scandals plaguing the Clinton administration — in this case, the email scandal — David Ignatius offered a somber assessment.

“That’s a painful way to start a presidential campaign,” he said. “To be dealing with issues like that, I don’t see that there’s any way she can escape it. The more of those emails that are disclosed, I think the more issues that are raised.”

“I have friends who worked in the State Department who are now describing getting emails from that private server from other people — not Secretary Clinton, but people in her inner circle who were also using it — that’s another chapter that’s coming in this.”

Oh, good. Yet another Clinton scandal in the pipeline.

When host Joe Scarborough asked who some of those other people were, Ignatius plugged his own paper and told him to “stay tuned” to The Washington Post for more details.

Check out the video above.