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Brit Hume: When It Comes To ‘Sheer Audacity And Mendacity’, The Clintons Are In A Class By Themselves

Brit Hume appeared on Special Report last night to highlight the general overreach of the Clinton dynasty, especially as it concerns the family’s “charitable” foundation.

“The political class has always had its share of clever and slippery players, but Bill and Hillary Clinton are again proving that when it comes to sheer audacity and mendacity, they are in a class by themselves,” he said.

Hume went on to cite Bill Clinton’s now widely ridiculed interview with NBC News in which the former President said that, yes, he’ll keep on delivering $500,000 speeches because he has to “pay the bills.”

“This from a man worth in the neighborhood of $140 million,” Hume said. “People that rich tend to fly in private airplanes and those bills do mount up. But if we’ve learned anything lately about Mr. Clinton and his air travel, it’s that he flies private a lot, but mostly on somebody else’s plane and somebody else’s nickel.”

Hume also took issue with Clinton saying that “almost nothing” has emerged about the Clinton Family Foundation that wasn’t known when his wife ran for President the first time.

“That is not only not true, it can’t possibly be true since much of what has been recently revealed happened since then,” he said.

Check out the video above.