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Brit Hume: Charity Rating Service Can’t Rate Clinton Foundation Because It Can’t Figure Out Its Business Model

Hey, maybe it’s possible that the Clintons are hiding something.

Brit Hume appeared on Special Report last night to discuss the latest Clinton scandal until the next latest Clinton scandal. He noted that a respected ratings agency can’t even rate the Clinton Family Foundation because it can’t figure out its business model.

“[T]he Clintons have managed to go from deep in debt to fabulously rich, to the tune of about $140 million,” Hume said. “Mostly this was proceeds from speeches Bill gave which proved breathtakingly lucrative when [Hillary] became Secretary of State and he traveled the world appearing before various foreign entities with business before the State Department.”

“That, of course, does not count the tens of millions more collected by the Clinton Family Foundation,” he continued. “This is an outfit so oddly structured that the respected philanthropy rating service, Charity Navigator, says it can’t give it a rating because it can’t figure out its business model.”

Its business model is to funnel money into Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Check out the video above.