Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

New York Times Reporter: Media Matters Exists To ‘Misdirect’ Attacks On Clinton

A reporter for The New York Times appeared on MSNBC today and slammed Media Matters for America, saying that the organization exists to “misdirect” attacks against Hillary Clinton.

Jeremy Peters appeared on Now with Alex Wagner to discuss the latest Clinton scandal until the next latest Clinton scandal (due out some time next week, we’re told). That’s the “pay for play” accusation swirling around the Clinton Global Initiative.

In spite of the fact that he works for The New York Times, Peters seems to be approaching this scandal from an objective standpoint instead of trying to play defense for Herself. That’s refreshing.

What’s even more refreshing, though, is that Peters took a swipe at Media Matters, the cretin-filled “media watchdog” group led by a specimen of human fungus named David Brock and taken seriously only by people who paid money to see Brokeback Mountain at the movie theater. Peters said that Media Matters “exists” to just misdirect attacks from people like him against Lady Hillary.

He said that on MSNBC, which makes it all the more beautiful.

Check out the video above.