Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

MSNBC Host: Hillary’s Campaign Seems ‘Staged And Inauthentic’ (Yes, An MSNBC Host)

No host on any cable news network has a name cooler than Krystal Ball. Despite the fact that she’s on MSNBC, she actually said something intelligent.

She was talking with her fellow co-hosts and a guest on The Cycle (that’s MSNBC’s unwatchable answer to Fox News Channel’s The Five) about the Hillary Clinton campaign, which she thinks has an aura of phoniness.

Don’t we all?

“Is this listening tour… is it working for you?” she asked. “I mean maybe — all campaign events to a certain extent are sort of staged and sort of campy and feel a little insincere. But I have to say: This one, to me, feels particularly staged and inauthentic and we can all see the campaign strategy memo behind what they’re doing. Do you think that this is working for folks?”

No. It’s not working for folks.

That’s because Hillary is currently being taken about as seriously as a $3 bill.

She comes across like a used car salesman trying to pitch her qualifications for the Presidency. It’s not working.

She lacks her husband’s ability to connect with people, and we’re okay with that.

Check out the video above.