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Krauthammer: Hillary Has An ‘Unbelievable Inauthenticity Problem’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer appeared on Special Report last night to discuss Hillary Clinton’s new campaign for the White House. He noted that she has an “unbelievable inauthenticity problem.”

“I mean, going small is about the only way that she can go,” Krauthammer said, speaking of the Clinton campaign strategy. “She tried going big in ’08 with speeches and rallies and she couldn’t out-speech and out-rally Barack Obama.”

“Now, she doesn’t have an opponent, but she’s not good at that,” he continued. “She’s not Bill. She’s not even that good at going small, but it beats going large and being a flop. That’s not her strength.”

Krauthammer also noted an inconsistency between her campaign message and her history.

“But, I find it simply astonishing that she can campaign by proclaiming one of her big goals is to get big money out of politics,” he said. “I mean, isn’t that a little bit peculiar coming from the Clintons who are the most legendary raisers of money? Who sold the Lincoln Bedroom among other items in the past and this is her cause? I mean she has such an unbelievable inauthenticity problem that any time she says something like that, I just can’t take any of it seriously…”

Have a look at the video above.