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Krauthammer: If Republicans Run A Dynamic Candidate, Hillary Is ‘Easily Beaten’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer appeared with Bill O’Reilly last night to discuss Hillary Clinton’s recent announcement that she’s running for President. He said that the Republicans can easily beat her if they run a dynamic candidate.

Hillary stunned the political world (not) by announcing her candidacy with on Sunday with a video that comedian Jon Stewart accurately described as a State Farm commercial gone viral.

Hey, it’s not often that Stewart gets one right. A broken clock, and all that.

Krauthammer appeared with O’Reilly to discuss Hillary’s candidacy from a more serious perspective.

“Do you expect Mrs. Clinton to win?” O’Reilly asked him.

“I expect her to win the nomination hands down,” Krauthammer replied. “It won’t be coronation. It will be a worship service at the Democratic convention.”

“But I don’t expect her to win the general election,” he continued. “I think it’s close. I give her somewhere under a 50% chance, but I think if the Republicans can put up a dynamic candidate, they can — I think she is easily beaten.”

Check out the video above.