Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Little Boy Cries Tears Of Sorrow When He Hears That Hillary Is Running

Hey, we get it.

As the whole world knows by now, Hillary Clinton announced her run for the Presidency yesterday. That announcement brought much excitement to Americans who think that there is too much constitutional freedom and not enough government control of the economy in this country.

That announcement did not make everybody happy, though. As if Hillary wasn’t extreme enough, some leftists want Elizabeth Warren to run for President, perhaps because this country has never had a President who pretended to be an Indian.

Hillary’s announcement also made at least one boy cry. His name is Zeke and he was videotaped shedding tears while watching her video.

Maybe he understands the ramifications of a Hillary Presidency better than most Democrats.

Then again, maybe not. We’re told that the real reason he was crying is because he wanted to run for President himself. He thinks he doesn’t stand a chance against the wife of Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend.

If only we could get enough Americans to cry about her announcement for the right reason…