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Tim Allen Finally Shares His Feelings on ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation

Tim Allen finally reveals how he felt about ABC suddenly cancelling his hit show Last Man Standing. While appearing on Norm Macdonald Live, Allen discussed various topics ranging from his acting career to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

However, the interview, which has over 100,000 views on YouTube, is getting attention because of Allen’s decision to speak out about the show’s cancellation. The show, which was the second-highest-rated show on the network, revolved around Allen’s politically conservative character Mike Baxter, who lives with his wife and three daughters and is at odds with his family about his political and moral views.

The strange timing of the cancellation led to rumors alleging the show’s demise was a result of political motivations.

“You couldn’t have handled this worse,” Allen said of the cancellation. “It was handled very badly.”

Norm Macdonald Live co-host Adam Eget asked Allen his thoughts on the odd timing of the cancellation. This prompted Allen to detail just how well the show was doing right before its cancellation.

“They put us out to pasture on Friday, we won Friday,” Allen said about ABC’s scheduling of the show. “Big night for us, big night for them.”

“It’s hard. I have no idea why they did what they did,” he added.

Allen then explained why he believes the cancellation was possibly a result of the liberal politicization in Hollywood.

“I always wanted LMS — Last Man Standing — to be like Archie Bunker. Archie Bunker pushed boundaries — he pushed boundaries, and Carroll O’Connor was not that guy at all,” Allen said about the late All In The Family actor.

“The guy was a likable guy, and really was a principled guy just about work, and about ethics and all this stuff,” Allen said of his character. “I think there is nothing more dangerous right now than a likable conservative character.”

The actor also spoke of the bias among the show’s writing staff, even referencing an example that showed the writers’ disdain of President Trump. The incident involved the show’s writers wanting to make a joke about Trump hating homosexuals.

“We’ll do this joke about Trump hating gay guys,” the writing staff said, according to Allen.

“How do we know that that’s true?” Allen asked the writing staff.

“It’s common knowledge,” the writing staff responded, according to Allen.

Allen said the staff’s eagerness to write a joke about an unfounded accusation to be “creepy.”

As The Daily Wire notes, another theory about the show’s cancellation revolves around affordability. In an agreement with ABC, 21st Century Fox covered the production costs of the show for six seasons. Had the show continued into its seventh season, ABC would have been forced to pay production costs, which is something the company was reportedly unwilling to do.

The show was rumored to be picked up by either Country Music Television or NBC, but those plans are increasingly unlikely.

TV shows being given new life on different networks isn’t new. Legendary shows like Diff’rent Strokes and Family Matters successfully switched to new networks.

Regardless of the cancellation, Allen’s career continues forward. Allen is currently performing stand-up comedy at different locations across the U.S.