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Illegal Immigrants Cost U.S. Over $100 Billion a Year

A new report indicates that illegal immigration is costing American taxpayers roughly $135 billion a year, the highest number recorded ever.

“The Fiscal Burden Of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers,” published by the Federation For American Immigration Reform, found that illegal immigrants cost state and local governments more than $88 billion, with illegals costing the federal government over $45 billion annually.

FAIR’s analysis, which was provided in advance to the Washington Examiner, found that claims suggesting illegal immigrants pay significant amounts of money in taxes back to federal, state and local governments isn’t entirely accurate.

The report said illegal immigrants only pay $19 billion in taxes total, leaving the additional $116 billion to be paid by American taxpayers. This means the U.S. only gets around 14 percent of the full amount spent each year on illegal immigrants.

“Clearly, the cost of doing nothing to stop illegal immigration is far too high,” said FAIR Executive Director Dan Stein. “President Trump has laid out a comprehensive strategy to regain control of illegal immigration and bring down these costs.”

Stein said that in order to curb the historic rise in illegal immigrants coming to the U.S., more aggressive measures have to be put in place.

“Building the wall, enhancing interior enforcement and mandating national E-Verify will go a long way in bringing these ridiculously high costs under control,” Stein said.

At the federal level, illegal immigration costs $17.14 billion a year in medical costs alone, with $13.15 billion being spent on law enforcement and $8 billion going toward general government services.

At the local and state level, illegal immigration costs around $44.4 billion in education costs, with general services available to the public costing $18.5 billion, and $12.1 billion spent on medical services.

The cost for an individual illegal child soars even higher after factoring in welfare, health care, and school lunches.

California spends roughly $23 billion a year overall on illegal immigrants, which is the highest among all states. Texas spends almost $11 billion and New York spends $7.4 billion.

“If the same jobs held by illegal aliens were filled by legal workers, at the prevailing market wage, it may safely be presumed that federal, state and local governments would receive higher tax payments,” FAIR said.

FAIR estimates that there are roughly 12.5 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.