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Dershowitz Threatens to Sue UC Berkeley Over Free Speech

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz warned the University of California, Berkeley that he would sue the school if it did not alter its policy for campus speakers.

Dershowitz said on “Fox & Friends” that, while the administration imposes an eight-week delay for “high visibility” guests, departments routinely invite “anti-Israel speakers” and bypass that timetable.

“So we have the eight-week barrier, whereas anti-Israel speakers don’t have the eight-week barrier,“ he said. ”I’m going to sue Berkeley if they don’t allow me to speak. They may make me wait eight weeks and allow anti-Israel speakers to come within three or four days. That’s a lawsuit,” he said.

Dershowitz said the public university is bound by the First Amendment and therefore “can’t impose one rule on pro-Israel speakers and one rule on anti-Israel speakers.”

Claiming that there is a double standard at work, Dershowitz warned, “I’m not going to let Berkeley get away with that.”

Berkeley has seen several waves of unrest centering around talks by conservative and other controversial figures, which dates back to Milo Yiannapolous in February and, most recently, Ben Shapiro.