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Trump Tweets in Support of Senate Candidate Deleted After Primary Loss

President Trump has been putting his weight behind an Alabama senator’s campaign for re-election, but something strange occurred on the president’s favorite social media account after his candidate came up short Tuesday night: His tweets has disappeared.

On top of rallying for Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) in Alabama last week, where Trump ignited the NFL protest controversy, the president tweeted words of and endorsement for the incumbent candidate numerous times ahead of Tuesday primary. And following Strange’s loss to former state Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, the president appears to have deleted those words of encouragement.

Nonprofit journalism website ProPublica archived the tweets prior to their deletion. “ALABAMA, get out and vote for Luther Strange — he has proven to me that he will never let you down! #MAGA,” read one of the deleted tweets.

The president successfully backed other campaigns recently, including both Karen Handel and Ralph Norman who won special elections earlier in the year.

The president took to Twitter following those devastating losses for Democrats to say: “Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0.”