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Man Seen Publicly Peeing Near White House, After He was Arrested What was Found Shocked Everyone

Secret Service agents arrested a man for allegedly urinating near White House property on Monday, but it is what they found next that was truly shocking.

After finding the man urinating in front of the Renwick Gallery on 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, officers discovered multiple weapons, including nine guns, three knives, brass knuckles, suppressors, and several types of ammunition in his 2009 Silver Nissan, CNN reports. The guns included different types of handguns and rifles:

The man was later identified as 37-year-old Timothy Bates,and told the security officials he was going to the White House to ask National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers and Defense Secretary James Mattis for “advice on missing paychecks and how to get the chip out of my head.” He then admitted to having weapons in his car.

Bates was a member of the Memphis Police Department from 2000 until retiring in 2013, WJLA reported.

“The encounter with the individual resulted in Secret Service Officers taking investigative action. The individual was arrested for possession of several firearms and was transported to MPD 2D for processing,” the Secret Service said in a press statement, noting that “the investigation is ongoing.”

After being taken for a “mental observation” at a clinic and then to a police station in Washington, D.C., the man was charged with weapons violations, according to the incident report obtained by CNN. He is to remain in custody without bond until his detention hearing on September 28.