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Megyn Kelly Agrees with President Trump Regarding Media Bias

Megyn Kelly sat down for an interview with TVNewser and agreed with President Donald Trump on the state of the media, despite their previous feud.

Kelly decried the “absurd” level of media bias against Trump.

“He’s right that they’re biased against him. They’re extremely biased against him. And some play right into it,” Kelly said. “They do themselves no service with that tactic.”

Kelly, who worked at Fox News for 13 years before moving to her new show on NBC, said she’s seen a lot of change in the news industry recently.

“It’s not the way it used to be, being a journalist today,” Kelly said — but she also claimed that much of the change in journalism actually originated with Trump.

“He is effectively, and not just him, but his most ardent supporters, have made us players on the field instead of on the sidelines where we belong.”

Kelly said that Trump’s “targeting” of journalists has put them in a “dangerous place.”

Kelly’s feud with Trump started with her questioning his comments about women and his choice of media appearances while Trump was still a candidate for president.

Trump responded with a series of insults, calling Kelly a “loser” and “overrated.”

In her latest interview, Kelly also criticized the “alt-right” and the politicization of entertainment television.

“You’ve got the alt-right stoking every divisive fire they can,” she claimed. “You have conservatives who see their issues diminished regularly, or ignored, or mocked.”

“Why can’t I watch the Emmys without seeing Sean Spicer? What was he doing there?” Kelly asked. “Can’t I just watch the fabulous gowns? Can’t I have an escape? Must everything be political? Everything? EVERYTHING!

“I’m sick of it,” she added. “And I’m not the only one.”

Kelly’s new program Megyn Kelly Today will not be as political as her previous news coverage. She has called the move a “relief” from cable news, which she said has become “vitriolic.”

Kelly said that she expects to interview Trump on her new show at some point.