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Trump Revealed How China Responded After Dropping Hammer on North Korea with Executive Order

President Trump repeatedly and publicly pressured China to do more to crack down on North Korea and its nuclear program.

Within an hour of President Trump announcing a new executive order to crack down on North Korea on Thursday, the president announced that China reportedly told banks to quit doing business with the rogue nation.

Trump praised China for taking action, which could be a significant shift in the global standoff over the hostile Kim Jong Un regime.

Trump’s executive order enables the U.S. to “sanction individual companies and institutions that finance trade with North Korea,” according to the Associated Press.

The order also seeks to disrupt the nation’s nuclear weapons program by targeting North Korea’s trade agreements.

“North Korea has been allowed to abuse the international financial system to facilitate funding for its nuclear weapons and missile programs,” Trump said. “Tolerance for this disgraceful practice must end now.”

Reuters has more on China’s reported action:

China’s central bank has told banks to strictly implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea, four sources told Reuters, amid U.S. concerns that Beijing has not been tough enough over Pyongyang’s repeated nuclear tests. […]

The sources said banks were told to stop providing financial services to new North Korean customers and to wind down loans with existing customers, following tighter sanctions against Pyongyang by the United Nations.

The sources said lenders were asked to fully implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea and were warned of the economic losses and reputational risks if they did not do so.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump warned the United States would “totally destroy” North Korea if necessary.