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Taken Down Confederate Monuments Could Find New Home in Texas

Some representatives of a small town in Texas are willing to accept monuments to Confederate soldiers that have been removed from other locations in the state, Woodlands Township Board Chairman Gordy Bunch said on Tuesday.

“What’s happening across the state and across the country is ridiculous regarding eliminating history,” he said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“We don’t have a lot of history here in the Woodlands because we’re only 42, 43 years old. For all these folks in Dallas, in Austin and San Antonio and other places looking to relocate their history, might I suggest they can take those assets over here.”

Buch’s suggestion was met with hearty applause, the Chronicle notes.

He later clarified that any cast-off statues or monuments would go in a museum. In August, the town announced it is opening a fine arts museum, with others likely to follow.

“Preserving history in museums so future generations can learn from the past failures is important,” Bunch wrote in an email to The Courier.

Yet there are still no definitive plans in place, as other county officials have indicated they simply don’t see the need for it.

“I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to bring those monuments to The Woodlands or Montgomery County, period,” Marc Meyer, chairman of the county’s Democratic Party, said.

Earlier this year, a Mississippi museum on the grounds of Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s home offered to take in monuments the New Orleans city council voted to remove.

State legislators have also proposed bills to make it more difficult to remove Confederate-related monuments in the first place.