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Chris Christie Mentions the ‘Odd Attraction’ Between Him and Mika

“Morning Joe” celebrated ten years of being on the air Tuesday, and to commemorate the occasion they welcomed a slew of high-profile guests, one of whom was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Discussing the infamous Bridgegate scandal, Christie jabbed at the “Morning Joe” network MSNBC saying that they made a “cottage industry” out of the ordeal, joking that Rachel Maddow could have an “hour special” on his secretary.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski then chimed in amidst the audience laughter and Christie continuing to rib the network, saying, “this is a little awkward!”

For his part, the New Jersey governor said that it wasn’t awkward, but Mika kept going: “I love awkward!” Hosting counterpart — and fiancé — Joe Scarborough confirmed her admission: “Believe me, she does.”

Christie attempted to stay the course and keep on topic, saying, “I know now that I didn’t do anything wrong, and all that came out in the long run, and all the people yelling and screaming at the time that I did something wrong, I knew they were wrong. You have to wait history out. That’s what I did.”

Not letting the awkward moment die, Mika jumped in after Christie monologue, saying that she was going to make things “even more awkward.”

Christie, either not knowing where this was headed or attempting to get himself in on the joke, asked “are we going to talk about our odd attraction?” to which Brzezinski responded with a fit of giggles.

“He just did that,” Brzezinski quipped, “he went there.”

After Mika calmed down, Christie steered the conversation back to a less personal place.

“Which awkward thing did you want to talk about,” Christie asked.

“Trump,” Brzezinski responded.