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Poll Reveals Most Americans Support Trump Working with Democrats

Americans are on board with President Donald Trump’s bipartisan efforts if it means getting things done, reveals an ew survey.

A new Rasmussen Report shows 66 percent of likely voters say it’s “good for the country” if the president continues to reach across the aisle to advance his agenda.

Just 13 percent said they viewed Trump’s bipartisan efforts as bad for the country, and 21 percent were undecided.

Trump shocked Republican leadership in Washington after making a deal with Democrats to bring aid to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and raise the debt ceiling until December. The deal would later be signed by Trump after making it through the House and Senate.

But U.S. voters seem to be ready for this type of politics, as 65 percent of those polled also said Trump should reach out to Democrats in Congress more – up 7 percent from five months ago.

Only 19 percent said the president should not continue to work with Democrats, down from 29 percent in early April. But some Republicans are still reeling from the deal.

“Donald Trump got played like a grand piano by the political duo of Salieri Schumer and Pelosi The Great,” conservative blogger Jay Caruso wrote in RedState.

Even John McCain scoffed at Trump’s actions.

“This was not an exercise in bipartisanship,” McCain said, telling CNN that the agreement is “basically devastating to national defense.”

While Americans may support Trump working with Democrats, his approval rating seems to have suffered since the deal. Trump currently has a 42 percent job approval rating, which is down four points in less than a week, says Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll.

Fifty-six percent of voters now say they disapprove of Trump’s job in office.