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Investigation Opens After 5 People Found Dead in Nursing Home After Irma

Police have opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of five people at the Rehabilitation Center, in Hollywood Hills, Florida, which caters to the elderly.

Three people were pronounced dead at the facility, while two others were rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital and perished a short time after their arrival.

Several other residents were also brought to the hospital, where they remain in critical condition.

Hollywood Police Chief Tom Sanchez stated to media that the department has started their investigation into the deaths.

“We believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power in the storm. We’re conducting a criminal investigation, not ruling anything out at this time,” Sanchez said.

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief has said it is not clear whether the five people died of heat exhaustion, or another cause. The nursing home had lost power during Hurricane Irma and has been unable to restore air-conditioning.

Dave Long, the Airstrom employee who was called to fix the facility’s power problem, said he had called Florida Power & Light several times. He was hoping to get a fuse fixed which appeared to have popped out of the fuse box during the hurricane.

“We’ve been calling and calling. It just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and I can’t do anything until we get that fuse popped back in,” said Long.

At a Press Conference, a Florida Power & Light representative urged any vulnerable or elderly person without power should go to a shelter, or call 911.

“Our deepest sympathies goes out to those who lost their lives,” the representative said, adding that the tragedy, “does point to the need (for facilities) to have a plan in advance.”

The representative revealed that the Rehabilitation Center in Hollywood Hills had not been on the company’s list of critical facilities.

Florida Power & Light had met with city officials to determine which buildings should be on the list in March.

Over 100 people have now been evacuated from the Rehabilitation Center. Authorities have also been dispatched to 42 elderly facilities in the area, to ensure the residents all have access to comfortable living conditions.