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Thieves Use Online Forum to Brag About Items They’ve Stolen

Shoplifting is an act that is usually frowned upon, but Reddit now has a subreddit thread titled r/Shoplifting that has turned the criminal offense into a forum where “lifters” post photos of items they supposedly stole.

Whether it is light bulbs, electronics or makeup, users post photos of their hauls to gloat about them.

Users also utilize the forum to discuss the best ways for concealing items when stealing them.

There are also others who use the forum to tell stories about past “lifting” experiences. This user bragged about a $700 shoplifting excursion he went on with an acquaintance:

One user even joked that the subreddit forum is turning him “into a klepto.”

The moral compass with which the forum operates is easily visible at the top of the page.

“Welcome to Shoplifting! If you’re here to preach morals, enjoy your very brief stay. If you’re here to learn and share, please help contribute to our wonderful community of allegedly corrupt and soulless individuals,” reads the heading.

In order to post in the thread, users must follow three rules: Don’t post racist or discriminatory subject matter, don’t scam other users and don’t moralize about the behavior of shoplifters posting in the forum.

The forum acknowledges that “stealing is bad,” but “nothing else needs to be said about it, we are alright with the morality of our actions.”

Anonymous usernames allow members in the forum to operate without being identified for their supposed actions. Members also post in the thread from accounts they can quickly delete in order to ensure they remain hidden.

While at face value the forum does seem to give a haven for illegal actions, it’s protected from being shut down. Reddit’s content policy claims that threads can be removed for a variety of reasons, one of which is illegal activity.

However, since it is impossible to learn the identities of those involved or the methods they obtained the items, the thread can remain operational and continue growing.

The site, which allows users considerable leeway when posting, makes sure to emphasize “that looking for loopholes is a waste of time.”