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Ted Cruz Claims Chris Christie Criticizes Him for Attention

While speaking on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) rebuked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s complaint, which he voiced in the show earlier, that Cruz misled the public about a Hurricane Sandy relief package to posture himself as a more conservative candidate in 2016.

Christie told “Fox & Friends” hosts that Cruz perpetrated a falsehood estimating that two-thirds of the relief package was “pork,” or wasteful spending.

“Senator Cruz’s accusation that two-thirds of the Sandy Bill was pork is absolutely ridiculous,” Christie said Wednesday. In his segment, Cruz refuted that accusation with a charge of his own.

“Well, look,” Cruz started after Fox played the clip of Christie’s comments. “I’m sorry that there are politicians who seem really desperate to get their names in the news and are saying whatever they need to do that.”

Cruz continued and decried the plight of Hurricane Harvey victims and wishing that “others” would focus on helping them like he did.

“We have a crisis on the ground of people who are hurting right now — people who are in harm’s way, whose lives and families are in jeopardy as we speak. And I’ll tell you, my focus, and I wish the focus of others would be on saving the lives that are being threatened,” Cruz said before describing his efforts to help relieve the impacts of Hurricane Harvey.

Christie similarly accused Cruz of acting out of self-interest when the Texas senator criticized the Sandy relief package previously pushed by his fellow, former 2016 presidential candidate.

“They were playing politics with it,” Christie said of Cruz and others. “They were all getting ready to do what they wanted to do for 2016 and make themselves seem like the most conservative person.”