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Trump ‘Fed Up’ with Rex Tillerson, Feels He’s ‘Totally Estalishment’

Over the weekend, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shocked Washington after he distanced himself from President Trump by saying the president “speaks for himself” when asked about his response to the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Now, a new report from Axios suggests that tensions between the Trump and Tillerson have been boiling for quite  while as Trump has reportedly been “growing increasingly frustrated” with Tillerson.

“One time recently, after Trump had returned from a meeting on Afghanistan, a source recalled Trump saying, ‘Rex just doesn’t get it, he’s totally establishment in his thinking,’” according to the Axios report.

Another reported area of contention is the fact that Tillerson has yet to staff his agency. Although, a spokesperson for the secretary told Axios, “The system is busted. The Secretary sends over recommendations and they sit on the dock.”

On Sunday, however, the conflict between the two of them seemed to boil over.

Fox News anchor Chirs Wallace asked Tillerson about the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville. The secretary initially said, “I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values.”

When Wallace specifically asked about the values of the commander in chief, Tillerson did not offer a defense and said, “The president speaks for himself.”

On Monday, an aide to the secretary of state told CNN: “The secretary & president have expressed different points of view … [Rex] isn’t being critical, but more so re-establishing without confusion what are known American values.”

“Did [Trump] do the best job ever responding to Charlottesville? Nope. But that doesn’t mean America changes,” the aide added. “That is why the president speaks for himself because the Constitution speaks for the country.”