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Not Long After Being Pardoned, Joe Arpaio Promises New Revelations

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by President Donald Trump Friday evening.

The 85-year-old held his first interview with Fox News Host Sean Hannity just hours after being let off the hook. He said he loved the current president and would support him, even if he wasn’t pardoned.

But the crux of the interview was Arpaio saying he would be holding a news conference to expose corruption that took place under President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice.

You can hear the full interview below:

“I’m going to have a news conference early next week to get to the bottom of this, to show the expose abuse of the judicial system and politics,” Arpaio said.

“I’m not going down without trying to defend myself,” he added. “I think people will be shocked the news media were trying to destroy me for all of these years.”

When Hannity brought up “the abuse of the judiciary,” Arpaio said some people in Obama’s DOJ were eager to get rid of him. But he promised to bring that all to light next week, as he was in the middle of celebrating his wife’s birthday.

The official statement from the White House: