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Alex Jones Assaulted by ‘Vicious Leftist’ on the Street

During a live video Friday while visiting Seattle, Washington, InfoWars founder Alex Jones had a large cup of hot coffee thrown on him by a man on the sidewalk.

Just three minutes into his live Pericope, Jones held up a USA Today newspaper and complained the headline didn’t mention the religion of the attackers involved in the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain.

“These little trendy cowards want to tell people like me to F off…. That’s all these people got is ‘F— you.’ Well, you know, f— you. Look at this (holding USA Today newspaper), these people are the biggest cucks on the planet,” Jones said.

After his comments, a man can be heard saying, “You’re trash.” Jones immediately turned around, saw the man walking in a different direction, and caught up with the man to ask him why he made those comments.

“Come here, coward, tell these people intellectually who you are,” Jones said, face to face with the man.

“Intellectually who I am? I’m your mama,” the man said.

“You can’t even talk, look at you,” Jones said. “This is what they’ve turned people into. This is it right here, a literal slave of the system.”

Immediately after, the man can be seen unscrewing the top off his thermos and tossing hot coffee onto Jones. Jones described the liquid as “boiling” and “scalding hot” coffee, but didn’t appear affected by it during the exchange.

“That’s who they are, look at the slave,” Jones said, where the man proceeds to hold the thermos as if he is going to throw it at Jones.

“You gonna hit me? Go ahead,” Jones said as the man walked away and flipped off the camera. The confrontation begins around the 3:40 mark in the Periscope.

Jones walked away, visibly upset after being hit with hot coffee, and likened the man to jihadis.

“This is the brainwashing, and I’m proud of this,” Jones said. “Because this is who they are — I’ve deliberately — that’s why they’re allied with jihadis because they hate the West so much.”

Jones ended his live chat by suggested he planned to visit more cities and that he may let someone kill him while he is out on the streets.

“I think more and more I’m gonna go to these cities,” Jones said. “I think I might let these people kill me. Pull out a knife, I’m just ready. I’m just ready like Christ to take your savage attacks.”