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Famous Confederate Monuments Vanish Overnight in Baltimore

Confederate statues in Baltimore were taken down in a removal operation that occurred well into the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday.

Unlike in Durham, North Carolina, this wasn’t the work of vandals. Crews were authorized by the city to remove and statues from their bases and haul them away.

Baltimore City Council unanimously approved a resolution to tear down the Confederate monuments after the violence that erupted during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. Mayor Catherine Pugh had previously pledged to remove four statues from city streets.

“It’s done,” Pugh said Wednesday morning, adding the city acted as quickly as possible.

The mayor argued the statues “needed to come down” for the “safety and security of our people.” She also said she watched the monuments being torn down.

Among the monuments removed in Baltimore are the Robert E. Lee & “Stonewall” Jackson Monument, Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Confederate Women’s Monument, and the Roger B. Taney Monument, according to the Baltimore Sun.

This will likely not to be the last Confederate monument to come down in the aftermath of Charlottesville, as there appears to be a trend emerging