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Protesters Pull Down and Destroy Robert E. Lee Statue in North Carolina after Charlottesville

On Monday evening in Durham, North Carolina, over 150 miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia, the site of Saturday’s deadly white supremacist event, a counter-protest of sorts came about.

Since the Charlottesville rally was to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, Durham residents protested their city’s statue of Lee.

By the end of the protest, the statue had come down, yanked off its pedestal with a rope tied around the “neck.” The statue had been coated with numerous cans of cooking spray to prevent climbing. While the University of North Carolina’s library says the statue is made of bronze, the degree to which it a crumbled when it hit the ground suggests otherwise:

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper commented on the protest on Twitter:

On Tuesday morning, Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews pledged in a statement to use the videos of the incident to prosecute those who brought the statue down if they can be identified from the available video footage.