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Kaepernick Has Other Players Keep His Protest Alive and Fans Aren’t Happy

Colin Kaepernick started a serious protest in the NFL last year, but the consequences of that were tremendous. On the one hand, Kaepernick who became a free agent at the end of last season has been forced to hunt for a team with no results.

But in Kaepernick’s absence, it seems that the movement he started has carried on. So far, two players have opted out of “participation” in the national anthem.

According to NBC Sports, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch have already taken a stand — or, rather, a seat — at preseason games. And while Jenkins (who raised a fist during the anthem last season) is not a surprise, Lynch could raise issues for the league.

NBC reports:

The bigger problem for the league comes from the out-of-the-blue decision of new Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch to sit for the anthem, and in turn to decline (for now) to explain why he did. To the extent that owners reportedly have shied away from Kaepernick because they fear being tweet-shamed by the Commander-in-Chief, Lynch’s gesture breaks new ground in a major way.

A player who enjoys massive popularity throughout the nation and who is clearly good enough to not have to worry about suddenly being shunned for “football reasons” has now taken what Kaepernick started to a new, conspicuous level. The NFL, still wobbly from last year’s ratings dip and clearly worried that protests will alienate fans, will now have to wait and see what happens.

Lynch’s actions are already making waves: