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Former Fox Host Andrea Tantaros Wrote an ‘Anti-Feminist’ Book – A Man Now Says He Actually Wrote It

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros left the network after the termination of former CEO Roger Ailes and the rumors and allegations of sexual harassment directed at many in the network.

The network initially claimed that Tantaros left the network over conflicts arising from the publication of her new book, “Tied Up in Knots”

Tantaros later alleged that she, too, had been the target of unwanted sexual advances from former boss Roger Ailes. In the following months, she filed a lawsuit claiming that people at the network had used “sock puppet” accounts to attack her on social media.

But now Tantaros’s book is back in the headlines after the public release of a lawsuit against the former Fox News host.

Law Newz reported:

Well, a man wrote that book, according to the complaint. Plaintiff Michael ‘Malice’ Krechmer said that he and Tantaros entered a written “Collaboration Agreement” on or about May 4, 2015, according to the court order. This included a confidentiality provision, so he couldn’t talk about his involvement in writing the book unless he got prior, written approval from Tantaros.

That was terminated and replaced by an oral “Ghostwriting Agreement” where Krechmer would get $150,000. According to the court order, Krechmer claimed he was only paid $30,000, and Tantaros allegedly wanted him to sign another non-disclosure agreement stopping him from even saying he was an editor on the book, even though she already named him in the acknowledgements. He then sued to get the book’s copyright.

Tantaros responded through her attorney, calling the allegations “beyond false.”