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Scarborough Claims Fox News is ‘Subsidiary of Trump Inc.’

“Morning Joe” Scarborough began the Friday edition of his MSNBC show with a brief oral history of Fox News – as well as his thoughts on the current state of the cable news network.

“When [Fox News] came on to the scene in 1996, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch had a winning formula,” Scarborough began.

“That was conservatives against the world. Conservatives weren’t getting their voices heard on mainstream networks, so they could go to Fox News,” he continued. “And it was a uniting — it was really a network that united the entire conservative moment and for the most part the Republican Party.”

From there he touched on how President Donald Trump changed that “winning formula.”

Scarborough opined that the emergence of Trump as a political figure has caused Fox News to cease being “a network that follows conservatism or follows the Republican Party.”

“It seems now to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Inc,” the “Morning Joe” co-host claimed.

From there he continued by touching on the subject of the network being critical of conservatives who don’t fall in line with Trump, saying, “It seems to be more of a channel that’s in defense of Donald Trump. You’re either on Donald Trump’s side, or you are against what Fox News stands for.”

Guest co-host Mike Barnicle then chimed in, claiming that “the definition of conservatism […] by the presence and the voice and the thoughts if there are some, of Donald Trump.”