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Geraldo: ‘McConnell was Brilliant as a Political. As a Lawmaker, Though, He Stinks.’

On Friday, Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera appeared on “Fox & Friends” to address President Donald Trump’s latest public criticism of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

While he conceded that he had no idea exactly what was going through the president’s mind, Rivera did largely agree with the substance of what he had to say about McConnell.

“First of all, there are two Mitch McConnells,“ he began. “There is Mitch McConnell, the politician, that’s the guy who managed to keep open the Supreme Court vacancy so [Neil] Gorsuch could be nominated and put onto the bench, onto the high court by the president of the United States. So McConnell was brilliant as a politician. As a lawmaker, though, he stinks!”

He continued.

“And how dare he criticize the president of the United States for the failure of repeal and replace when it was in McConnell’s court for seven and a half years,” he added, citing how many years the Republicans pushed back at the ACA without an alternative.

“The president is absolutely right to be impatient, to have it up to here with Mitch McConnell.”