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Despite Transgender Ban, Caitlyn Jenner Still Wants to ‘Make America Great Again’

Despite opposing President Donald Trump’s recent plan to ban transgender individuals from serving in the United States military, Caitlyn Jenner is still publicly supporting Trump’s goal to “Make America Great Again.”

Just over a week after Jenner released a lengthy statement against Trump’s ban, the TV star was seen driving a convertible in Malibu, California, wearing a read “Make America Great Again” hat.

Following the news of Trump’s policy proposal last week, Jenner had tweeted, “This AM, @POTUS attacked trans people fighting for our country. Every American should be outraged.”

Jenner also said that Trump broke his promise to serve those in the military.

“There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us. What happened to your promise to fight for them?” Jenner tweeted.

In Jenner’s full statement against the ban, which was published on the former Olympic athlete’s website, he called on the president to reverse his position.

“I can testify to the trans community’s incredible resilience and perseverance in the face of enormous discrimination and hate. We are strong, we are beautiful, and we will win. The President must ask himself which side of history he will be on — and reverse his position immediately.”

Jenner then said that his allegiance was with thousands of “trans” troops and veterans, not with the president.

“America’s 15,000 trans service members and 134,000 veterans are much braver than you, Mr. Trump; my allegiance is with them and our country, not you.”

In an April appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jenner contended that the Republican Party “does not do a good job when it comes to equality and the entire LGBTQ community. The Democrats are better there.”

Jenner went on to explain why he aligns more with the Republicans, despite the LGBTQ issues.

“I believe in little things like the Constitution and freedom,” Jenner said. “I believe in minimal government. I believe in the people of this country to get us out of the trouble we are in financially, economically, more than I believe the government will fix this. The people will fix this. And, so, the Republicans have done a better job in that direction.”

Even so, Jenner said he would have to “keep an eye on these people,” referring to the Trump administration.

“My loyalty is not with Donald Trump,” Jenner said. “My loyalty is not with the Republican Party. My loyalty is with my community.”