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Trump Suggested Firing Top Afghanistan Commander

Frustrated with progress in the Afghanistan war, President Donald Trump repeatedly suggested firing the war’s top commander, Gen. John Nicholson.

According to senior administration officials, Trump complained that the United States was “losing” the war in Afghanistan. “We aren’t winning,” he also said, according to NBC News.

Trump expressed his concerns during a July 19 meeting, in which he criticized his military advisers, including Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who sat with him in the Situation Room.

Trump was apparently confused as to why Mattis was losing ground in Afghanistan even after he already received authority to make changes to military activity in Afghanistan. Mattis reportedly said that the U.S. was losing because it didn’t have the right strategy.

News that Trump might fire Nicholson drew some comments from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who warned that if Trump didn’t listen to his generals, Afghanistan might “collapse.”

“Here’s my advice to the president — listen to people like Gen. Nicholson and McMaster and others who have been in the fight,” Graham said.

Graham said he couldn’t think of a “good reason to fire” Nicholson and described his performance as “admirable.”