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Trump Goes After Congress and Blames It for ‘All-Time Low’ Relationship with Russia

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning – as per usual – to share some statements with the American people.

The president first talked about the economy, noting that the stock market is at an all-time high and “business enthusiasm” is at “record levels”:

Minutes later, Trump continued on the subject of business, alluding to the fact that his removal of various regulations will have a “great” effect on businesses and jobs:

Trump’s third tweet moved on to the subject of Russia, Congress and health care.

Trump began the tweet by saying that U.S. Russia relations were at “an all-time and very dangerous low.” He opined that this was Congress’s fault, then pointed out that these are the same people who “can’t even give us HCare!”

Trump recently signed a bill placing sanctions on Russia. The sanctions were passed by a large majority in both the House and the Senate, but it was alleged that Trump was unhappy with the move.

The bill also limits the president’s ability to lift the sanctions placed on Russia, as well as limiting his ability to return those diplomatic compounds seized by the Obama administration.