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Gingrich Issues Dire Warning if GOP Does Not Pass Tax Cuts Soon

In an op-ed penned for USA Today, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is sending a bold warning for Congressional Republicans.

Gingrich is telling his former colleagues to change their game plan and act quickly before Thanksgiving – or else, people will turn to the Democrats in 2018.

In the piece, he writes: “To regain their legislative momentum and keep their majority, Republicans must clearly demonstrate they are fighting for the country’s hardworking taxpayers. This means passing a major tax cut by Thanksgiving — and making it retroactive to the start of this year.”

Furthermore, Gingrich warns congressional Republicans to “stay focused” and target tax cuts for small businesses and middle-class families. He notes, “A tax cut package directed at small businesses and the middle class is better policy than politics.”

In the op-ed, he cites a recent report from the Federal Reserve that claims that nearly half of Americans could not afford a $400 unexpected expense such as a car repair.

He goes on to argue that Republicans need to drop pre-existing notions and politics and create a tax cut that is deficit neutral. He asks:

We know that deficit neutrality might ruffle the feathers of some fiscal hawks. For them, we have only one question: Which will be more expensive, having House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempt to implement a Democratic agenda, or passing a deficit-neutral Republican tax cut ensuring that voters will view Republicans as the party of middle-class prosperity in November 2018?

Overall, Gingrich argues that providing solutions to hardworking Americans is what will win the Republicans the midterm elections, not politics.