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Fox’s Gutfeld Slams Sanctuary City for Giving Immigrants ‘A Space to Rape’

During Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld described rapes committed in sanctuary cities as “sanctuary rapes.”

Gutfeld recalled the story of an undocumented immigrant who, after being deported over 20 times, allegedly sexually assaulted two women in Portland, Oregon. Portland, a sanctuary city, drew Gutfeld’s ire for giving criminals a “space to rape.”

“Who is the sanctuary for?” Gutfeld asked before launching into a rant about how liberals dress up unpalatable concepts, like sanctuary cities and socialism, in order to hide their flaws.

“Give something a cozy title. You can get away with anything,” Gutfeld argued. Employing the “sanctuary” terminology, Gutfeld tied the concept of sanctuary cities to the act committed by 31-year-old Sergio Jose Martinez:

“A sanctuary city allowed a repeat creep to assault two citizens. That’s what I would call sanctuary rape. It’s important we call it that, for it links an idea to a consequence. If you can apply it to the city, then why not apply it to the crime that occurred in that city. Portland didn’t do the rapes. It just gave the rapist the space to rape.”

The “sanctuary” label, Gutfeld suggested, may have applied to criminals but didn’t indicate safety for Martinez’s victims, “who got no sanctuary at all,” he said.