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DOW Hits 22,000 for First Time Ever

The Dow Jones industrial average hit a huge milestone Wednesday morning shortly after the opening bell, surpassing 22,000 for the first time in history.

The 30-stock index received a bump from a huge Apple stock, which had posted quarterly results that “blew expectations out of the water,” according to CNBC.

The stock market is one benchmark by which economists gauge the state of the economy, and its rise over the last few months has caught the attention of President Donald Trump.

Yesterday, Trump anticipated hitting the 22,000 mark, saying the “mainstream media seldom mentions” the stock market’s steady rise:

The day after Trump’s election win, the market closed at around 18,589. It took only 13 trading days to reach 19,000, and it hit 20,000 five days after Trump’s inauguration.

Stephen Moore, economic policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, wrote in an email to Independent Journal Review that the president “deserves a good deal of credit” for the bullish feeling on Wall Street.

“Clearly investors and employers see Trump as pro-business,” Moore said. “There are a multitude of factors that affect stocks, but the anticipation of pro-growth policies is clearly one of them. Since the election, equity values have risen by more than $3 trillion.”

Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney has called this the “Trump rally.”

“The great success of the Trump presidency thus far, is not what he’s done, but what he promises to do, namely, get the economy going again,” Varney said. “The ‘Trump Rally’ has added $4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth.”

Varney also hammered the “contemptuous” media whose “overwhelmingly negative” coverage he believes is trying to prevent Trump from completing his first term.