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Trump Says Historically Low Poll Numbers Are ‘Not Bad’

After serving in office for six months, a new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post finds that President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at just 36 percent. This is the lowest six-month approval rating for a president in 70 years, according to Politico.

Trump responded to the new polling numbers in a tweet, calling 36 percent “not bad”; however, he also criticized the poll itself:

While the president claims that the ABC News/ Washington Post polls were “just about the most inaccurate poll around election time,” a review of the daily tracking polls from the 2016 presidential election actually shows the poll service to be one of the most accurate.

MSNBC, which has run its own polling, also shows down numbers for the president, even in counties where he won in 2016.

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson said that while the president’s approval ratings are still higher in counties that he won in 2016, they are down from what his approval ratings were in those counties since he won the election in November.