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Man Angry Over Bald Eagle Shoots It and Runs It Over with ATV

In what can only be called both cruel and unusual, a man has been found guilty of violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act after not only shooting a bald eagle, but also running it over three to four times with his ATV.

According to The Washington Post, Allen Thacker was upset at the bald eagle for eating too many fish from his pond, so he first tried to scare it away with a .22 caliber rifle shot in the air.

When that failed, he shot at it. He didn’t kill it, however, most likely because he used one of the smallest calibers available, but it wasn’t able to fly away either.

Instead of shooting it again, Thacker ran over the eagle multiple times with his ATV.

Prosecutors said Thacker at first denied killing the American symbol, but after eyewitnesses came forward, Thacker admitted to the kill and showed the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation where he put the body in the forest.

The New York Times reports that Thacker also told the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service he believed bald eagles are too protected and he thinks they are a menace.

Thacker will face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.