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Manhunt for Triple-Homicide Suspect Ends in Suicide

The manhunt for Kenneth Dion Lever, wanted in connection with the murder of his ex-wife and two others, came to an end Wednesday after the suspect committed suicide.

Deb Henley, spokeswoman for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, said the 52-year-old suspect shot and killed himself after police deputies identified him in a parking lot.

Lever was discovered in Escambia County – just miles north of his home near Pensacola, Florida – after fleeing the scene of the crime in Gardendale, Alabama.

The victims were identified as his 50-year-old ex-wife Dana Reeves Lever; her 65-year-old sister, Bonnie Reeves Foshee; and Foshee’s husband, 69-year-old Don Austin Foshee.

Dana Lever had previously expressed concern over her former husband, and in December, a judge issued an order requiring Lever to stay away from his ex-wife and their daughter.

Lever, who was accused of harassing and stalking his estranged family, was set to appear before a court in York County, Pennsylvania in September, on separate charges of sexually abusing a child.

Lever was arrested in 2015 and accused of molesting a young girl for more than fiveyears, ending in 2010. He was also accused of forcing a young boy to participate in the sexual assaults.

Lever’s ex-wife had also accused him of abusing their 11-year-old daughter.

After law enforcement in Gardendale became aware of the triple homicide, a statement was released indicating Lever as a possible suspect and active shooter, and advising members of the community to stay indoors.

Several hours into the investigation, though, police amended their initial assessment of the situation and said they did not believe Lever posed a direct threat to people outside his family.

Authorities further determined that Lever would likely return to his home in the Florida panhandle and proceeded to attempt to locate his exact whereabouts.

Gardendale police think that Lever premeditated the murder of his ex-wife, though they are unsure if the two other victims were also initial targets.

“He planned it. It was obvious it was a well-thought-out plan,” said Gardendale police Lt. Bryan Lynch. “He came for that reason. We don’t know if he was targeting all three, or if that’s just how it happened.”

“The sad part is his own daughter was there to witness this,” Lynch said. The 11-year-old daughter managed to escape physical harm.