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ICE Director Reveals the 6 Words Trump Said to Border Patrol – Exactly What Agents Wanted to Hear….

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to crack down on illegal immigration.

So far, he’s put executive orders on immigration in place to help curb the threat of terrorists slipping in with refugees.

In addition, he’s changed the standards for law enforcement officials working on the U.S.-Mexico border. During the Obama administration, illegal immigration was handled much differently.

During an interview with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto, Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan revealed just how different things are now. Homan and Cavuto discussed MS-13, an extremely violent gang that has a presence in 40 states.

Homan said:

“The MS-13 gang is one of the most violent gangs in the world. They’re in this country acting with impunity, they can do what they want and victimize the citizens of this country. So we prioritize the action of MS-13.

“Both sides of the ICE house, whether it’s enforcement move operations, deportation officers, or special agents, we are going to double down our efforts on MS-13.”

Homan made it clear that MS-13 members would face arrest and imprisonment for their crimes. As for those who are in the U.S. illegally, they will face the U.S. justice system and then be deported after serving their time behind bars.

When Cavuto brought up Trump, Homan applauded the president’s efforts to help ICE.

“What President Trump [did], President Trump when he signed the executive orders, he basically told the border patrol agents and the 20,000 American patriots that work for ICE, ‘You can now do your job, you will enforce laws on your books.’ There is no population of alien that’s off the table anymore. And we’ve been waiting on that for almost a decade now,” Homan said.

Then Homan offered a warning for illegal aliens on ICE’s radar.