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Mike Pence’s Press Secretary Gives Statement on Donald Trump Jr. Emails

Early Tuesday afternoon, Marc Lotter, the press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, issued the following statement about Pence’s knowledge of the meeting that Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian lawyer purportedly representing the Kremlin:

The vice president is working every day to advance the president’s agenda. He was not aware of the meeting. He is also not focused on stories about the campaign — especially those pertaining to the time before he joined the campaign.

Trump Jr. released what he says is the entire email chain leading up to the meeting on Tuesday after the New York Times, which had the same emails, reached out to him for comment on a story it was about to publish.

As for Pence, he was announced as Trump Sr.’s running mate on July 16, 2016, a few weeks after the meeting in question.