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Antifa Group Opens Gym to Teach Members How to Fight Right-Wingers in ‘Trump’s Amerikkka’

A leftist “antifa” group in Chicago called the Haymaker Collective is opening a gym that will teach members how to beat up Trump supporters, whom they call racist “white nationalists.”

A Muslim woman who used the pseudonym “Naila” told Tucker Carlson the left-wing gym is preparing its members for “war” against right-wingers. “Certain bodies are vulnerable to certain attacks,” she said.

Naila then claimed there has been a 20% increase in hate crimes in Chicago nationwide, but it is unclear if those statistics are true.

To support her argument, Naila noted that a 17-year-old Muslim girl in Virginia was beaten to death in a road-rage incident in June. The murder made headlines because it was viewed as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

When Tucker Carlson pointed out that the perpetrator was an illegal alien from El Salvador, Naila had no response. He then asked Naila why her anti-Trump group isn’t more concerned about the alarming murder rates in Chicago, most of which are black-on-black crimes stemming from drug wars.

“Your fears may be a little overblown,” Tucker said. “How many of the 2,000 shootings [in Chicago] were carried out by right-wingers?” The answer is: Almost zero.

The fact is, a Muslim woman is far more likely to be beaten up by her husband, father, brother or another male relative than a “white nationalist” in Chicago, which is an extremely liberal city.

The antifa gym’s mission is to train its members for combat to fight the “alt-right” and “white nationalism” in what they called “Trump’s Amerikkka.”