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Trump Jr. was Reportedly Promised Dirt on Hillary Before Russian Lawyer Meeting

In a story that many are latching onto as proof of Russian collusion with the Donald Trump presidential campaign in the 2016 election process, The New York Times reported  Sunday that the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was promised information that would have been harmful to Hillary Clinton prior to a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

The meeting occurred just two weeks after the Republican Party officially declared Trump as its presidential nominee, at the request of the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and included then Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

It wasn’t learned until later that Veselnitskaya has connections to the Kremlin.

“I was asked to attend the meeting by an acquaintance but was not told the name of the person I would be meeting with beforehand,” Trump told The Times in a statement.

“After pleasantries were exchanged the woman stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton,” he said. “Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information.”

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the president’s outside counsel, said that “the president was not aware and did not attend the meeting.”

That statement hasn’t been disputed.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus saw it all as nothing when asked about the meeting during his appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

“The individual who set up the meeting may have been affiliated with Fusion GPS, which is an opposition research firm that is being subpoenaed and talked to by the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Priebus told Fox News.

And this is not mere speculation.

The lawyers learned that “the person who sought the meeting is associated with Fusion GPS, a firm that according to public reports was retained by Democratic operatives to develop opposition research on the president and which commissioned the phony Steele dossier,” Corallo told Circa News.