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Fake News CNN’s Tapper Suggests Trump is Rewarding Putin in Light of Election Meddling

During his Monday broadcast of “The Lead,” CNN host Jake Tapper suggested that in light of President Donald Trump’s proposed joint cyber-security unit with Russia, the president was moving toward rewarding Russia for its election meddling rather than punishing it:

“The debate over whether the U.S. should form a cyber-security unit with the country that just interfered with its elections shows just how far President Trump has moved the goal posts away from any serious form of retaliation against Russia. The debate is no longer how severe a punishment should there be. It’s now how much of a reward is the Trump administration willing to give the Russians.”

Tapper’s comments came after Trump tweeted that he discussed creating a cyber security unit with Putin:

As Tapper noted, several commentators criticized the idea, and Trump later seemed to express hesitation over it on Twitter:

U.S. and Russian officials offered contradicting accounts on Friday as to whether Trump accepted Putin’s assurances that his nation didn’t interfere with 2016 U.S. elections.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly said the Trump-Putin meeting on Friday opened with Trump discussing the possibility of Russian interference. Afterward, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov said Trump accepted Putin’s assurances. However, CNN’s Jim Acosta reported that a senior U.S. official said that was not the case.