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Trump Doesn’t Back Down from Reporter While Sitting Next to Mexican President

A reporter decided it would be a good idea to put President Donald Trump on the spot as he met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto by asking him if he still wanted our southern neighbor to pay for the wall.

It was the first meeting between the two presidents since they met during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, when President Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for a Southern border wall as a major part of his platform. A subsequent meeting between the two leader was cancelled when Nieto reportedly grew frustrated over talk of having to pay for the wall.

“We’re negotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico and we’ll see how it all turns out, but I think that we’ve made very good progress,” President Trump told reporters at the G20 summit.

But as the two men were ending the press conference a reporter asked President Trump if he still intended to have Mexico pay for the wall, designed to keep illegals out of the United States.

“Mr. President do you still want Mexico to pay for the wall,” the reporter shouted.

“Absolutely,” he replied.