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Loretta Lynch Denies Claims of Her Saying She Wouldn’t Let Clinton Email Investigation ‘Go Too Far’

On Thursday, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s lawyer responded to concerns that his client promised a Hillary Clinton campaign aide the FBI’s investigation into the former secretary of state’s email server wouldn’t “go too far.”

Attorney Robert Raben said in a statement that Lynch never made such an assurance and that she didn’t even know the Clinton aide, Amanda Renteria. The statement, according to Politico, also said that Lynch intended “to cooperate fully,” with a June inquiry by Senate investigators regarding the former attorney general’s suspected involvement with the Clinton email investigation.

“To the best of her knowledge and recollection,” the statement read, “neither Ms. Lynch nor any representative of the Office of the Attorney General discussed the Clinton email investigation with Ms. Renteria, Representative [Debbie] Wasserman Schultz or her staff, or any DNC official.”

Both communication from Democratic Party operatives and testimony from former FBI Director James Comey cast doubt on Lynch’s impartiality in the email investigation.

The Senate Judiciary Committee requested material related to Lynch’s alleged interference. Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) specifically cited reports alleging that former Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz conveyed confidence over email that Lynch would ensure the email investigation wouldn’t “go too far.”