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Tucker Calls Out Maxine Waters for Lavish Lifestyle in ‘Segregated’ Neighborhood

Remarking on Rep. Maxine Waters’ statement that she intended to take “Dr. Ben Carson’s a$$ apart,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said her own story may qualify her to take his job as Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

“‘Carson knows nothing about the mission of HUD,’” he continued, quoting Waters, and “‘he doesn’t care about people in public housing.’”

The Fox News host remarked that although he’d made fun of Waters in the past, we should take her seriously on the issue of housing.

He observed that she lives in a 6,000 square foot mansion valued at $4.3 million in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles – outside the Congressional district she represents.

Carlson said that this qualified her as a “confirmed expert on the question on housing.”

He wondered “How’d she afford a place like that after spending the last 40 years working in government?”

Carlson observed that while the district she represents has the second-highest percentage of blacks in the entirety of California, her own neighborhood is comprised of only six percent African-Americans.

“As she might put it herself if she didn’t live there — it’s segregated,” Carlson said.

A few months back Carlson mocked Waters for her unending claims that she was going to see that President Trump is ousted from office, and observed that her dreams of impeachment are dead.