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Secretary of Defense Says North Korea’s ICBM Launch Doesn’t ‘Bring Us Closer to War’

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has spoken out in regard to North Korea’s recent test missile launch.

While speaking from the Pentagon, Mattis said:

“I do not believe this capability in itself brings us closer to war because the president’s been very clear, and the secretary of state’s been very clear, that we are leading with diplomatic and economic efforts.”

Mattis also implied that efforts to thwart North Korea’s development of an intercontinental ballistic missile were, at this point, “purely diplomatically led,” according to The Washington Examiner.

The test launch, which took place on July 4, was confirmed by the State Department not long after the launch occurred. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the launch created “a new escalation of the threat to the United States, our allies and partners, the region, and the world.”