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Lib Media Furious when Polish Announcer ‘Cuts Off’ NBC Reporter at Trump Presser

Imagine this happening at a White House press conference.

Reporters had a meltdown when it appeared Polish officials cut off NBC News’ Hallie Jackson after she asked President Trump two questions in a joint press conference Thursday with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Jackson jumped on the chance to grill the president about Russia, unsurprisingly, when Trump was able to address questions by the press assembled at the news conference.

“You think it was Russia. Your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive. Why won’t you just agree with them and say it was?” she asked, pressing Trump to admit Russia was behind the interference in the 2016 election.

But many say Jackson took the questioning too far when she went in for a third. Something the Polish moderator didn’t like:

“Nobody really knows. Nobody really knows for sure,” Trump replied after addressing the number of US intelligence agencies that actually made claims and the question if Russia acted alone.

When Jackson attempted to follow up on her question, a Polish announcer cut her off, saying “Dear lady, two questions, thank you very much. Thank you very much, must go.”

Jackson continued to try to ask her question and then attempted to address the Polish president, but the announcer would not allow it.

Jackson argued that she was technically only asking a follow-up question, and not attempting a third.

Of course, critics of the president were quick to condemn the action, spinning the incident to appear that he was avoiding Jackson’s tough questions. But preceding her first words, it was already made clear to reporters that Jackson’s questions would be the final ones at the press conference.

“Very briefly please as the Presidents need to attend a summit in a minute,” the announcer stated as Jackson took the mic.