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Judge Roy Moore Seeks to Drain Republican Swamp

Judge Roy Moore may have the Republican Establishment in an uproar. He is leading the polls in the race to replace Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions over Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate, Luther Strange.

Strange is the perfect McConnell acolyte. Strange is the unelected Senator from Alabama. The story of how he wrangled the Senate position is straight out of a Gulf Coast swamp. Strange was Alabama’s Attorney General, the Governor at the time is the now disgraced Robert Bentley. Otherwise known as Governor Love, Bentley carried on a love affair with political operative Rebekah Caldwell Mason some 30 years his junior.

As Attorney General, Strange was supposed to investigate the whole matter, but instead he leveraged the affair to wrangle a promotion. Here is how the deal they struck was covered by AL.com at the time:

“In short, Bentley’s appointment of Strange stunk up Montgomery so bad that we now have to pay $15 million just to throw open the windows and clear the stench out. As attorney general, Strange was overseeing an investigation of the governor at the same time he was soliciting the appointment from the governor. It’s a clear conflict of interest, and to just about everybody looking from the outside in, it reeked of rotten politics. When pushed on the matter, Strange tried to talk out both sides of this mouth, even suggesting that there never had been an investigation of the governor when, in fact, there was.”

Later, Bentley was charged with crimes and resigned in a plea bargain agreement which kept him from facing felony charges and impeachment.

Since arriving in D.C., Senator Strange has kept a low profile; we can assume he is voting exactly how Mitch McConnell tells him to vote. He was supposed to easily skate in a special election called for August 15th of this year.

This was until Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore entered the race. Judge Moore has been battling corrupt forces in the Alabama legal establishment for decades. Luther Strange is right out of this corrupt cadre of lawyers which runs the state.

Moore is best known for fighting the orders to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court and the Federal orders requiring Alabama to issue marriage licenses to lesbian women, gay men and transgender couples.

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a Vietnam War Veteran, Moore is known as incorruptible and that makes him persona non grata amongst Mitch McConnell’s Senate GOP caucus. Why Moore has already said he wants to repeal Obamacare, and McConnell has been doing his best to rescue Obamacare all summer.

Draining the Swamp was never going to be easy. To paraphrase what conservative commentator Stan Evans was known to say: “Republican come to DC and see a cesspool, but after they settle in, they realize it is actually a hot tub.